Thibault Masson serves as the Head of Product Marketing at PriceLabs. In this role, he is responsible for driving the company’s marketing strategy, product positioning, and go-to-market initiatives1.

Product Marketing involves understanding the market and customer needs, and aligning the features and benefits of the product to meet those needs. It focuses on communicating the product’s value to the market, which includes activities such as creating marketing content, conducting competitive analysis, developing sales strategies, and launching new products or features.

Prior to joining PriceLabs, Masson founded Rental Scale-Up, a company focused on providing in-depth data and insights to vacation rental owners and managers. When PriceLabs acquired Rental Scale-Up, Masson joined the team and now uses his industry experience to help PriceLabs’ customers optimize their occupancy and increase revenue.

Thibault Masson has discussed PriceLabs and related topics on various podcasts. Here are a couple of them:

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    • This article discusses how Thibault Masson uses PriceLabs for his properties. He provides tips for new users of PriceLabs, emphasizing the importance of market research, setting up base prices, and monitoring portfolio analytics. He also highlights features of PriceLabs that he finds particularly useful, such as base price adjustments, customizations, and dynamic minimum stay restrictions.
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  2. Holiday Cottage Handbook – HCH006: Thibault Masson: The future for Airbnb and
    • In this podcast episode, Thibault Masson, as the Head of Product Marketing at PriceLabs, discusses the future of Airbnb and
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  3. Boostly Podcast
    • Thibault Masson, along with Anurag Verma, co-founder of PriceLabs, appeared on the Boostly Podcast to discuss maximizing revenue through dynamic pricing.
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    • Podcast: “The future for Airbnb and” – In this podcast, Masson talks about the future of platforms like Airbnb and and how companies like PriceLabs factor into that future
    • Data-Driven Strategies for Vacation Rental Growth – In this podcast, Masson discusses data-driven strategies for growth in the vacation rental industry and how PriceLabs can help with this
    • Vacation Rental Formula Business School – In an interview with host Heather Bayer, Masson discusses his experience in the vacation rental industry and how he uses PriceLabs
    • French investing podcast Moneytree – As the Head of Product Marketing at PriceLabs, Masson had the opportunity to share insights on this popular French investing podcast