What I do

Thibault Masson Porfolio

My goal is to help vacationers rent the perfect house in St Barts (Saint Barthélémy, French West Indies), Bali (Indonesia) and Paris (France).

To help them, I have created 2 destination portals : SaintBarth.com and RealBali.com . I really like St Barts and Bali and I am trying my best to know more as much as possible about them. I share my findings on these two sites, to pass on the good tips I have collected, as as well as to share my exeperiences.

I spend also a lot of time taking care of my clients. For instance, I am always curious to hear about suggestions to improve my houses. I am trying to learn how to market my properties as best as possible, so that people who might enjoy them as vacation rentals find them easily.

I am also currently building 2 new houses: 1 in a secluded place in Bali, right on the sea, due in October 2013, and 1 in St Barts, for honeymooners, due in October 2014.